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Molly always knew she wanted to be a writer. At just two years old, she began dictating stories to her mom. They were usually about penguins and she always did the illustrations. From there, she elevated to cringey self-insert fantasy and sci-fi, fueled by her obsessions with Tolkien, video games, Egyptology, and plagues. 


Molly acquired a BA in Theatre and English from the University of Vermont, where she received high honors for her senior thesis, The Quest for the Epic Hero, an eighty page epic poem about a gardener and giant leeches. She went on to obtain a masters in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, where she attempted to convert the poem to a novel, yet primarily succeeded at shooting tequila and feeling misunderstood.

Upon graduating during a recession, she promptly had an existential crisis. Writing felt impossible, exhausting, and not freaking fun anymore. She almost gave up. Then, she found slash fanfiction. For the next seven years, Molly wrote for a multitude of fandoms, gaining a following and a fresh love for writing. Her fic has been translated into six languages and has amassed over 1.5 million hits. 


A Light From the Nether is Molly's first novel, and it took her ten years to write. Through heartbreak, loss, and illness, she didn't give up. Why? Well, the damn thing was fun to write. A lot of fun. Over the years, Molly learned that fun is the key. Fun gets you to the desk every day, gets the words on the page when everything else has gone to shit. If it's not fun, why do it?  She hopes you have fun reading it too. 

Molly has lived in Vermont, Italy, Scotland, and New Zealand, but now shares a little house on the New Hampshire seacoast with her partner, CJ, a rabbit named Bombur, a cat named Cleopatra Dynamite, a dog named Indiana Ogden Nash Bones, and, like, 57 houseplants.  Her parents live five minutes away and they're her best friends.  She likes to hike, cook, make theatre and art, sit on the beach, and play softball. 


She still enjoys shooting tequila.

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